Amazing Art Cars

Amazing Art Cars

Many classic car collectors agree that some cars are works of art by themselves, but some people have truly turned their vehicles into artwork. They paint murals on them, add three-dimensional objects to turn them into sculptures, and much more. Some of these pieces of art are created out of cars that are no longer in good shape and can’t be driven, but some of them are actually made out of running cars. They can actually get inside their art and drive it around after they’re finished with it.

What Constitutes an Art Car?

Some people would say that simply giving your car a cool paint job isn’t enough to classify it as an art car. However, if you’ve painted a major mural on the side of your van, some people would definitely say that it’s art. Others might say that just a cool painting isn’t enough. You need to add extra things to the car to really make it into a piece of art. Anyone can paint a car, but an artist turns a vehicle into something really cool. Like most types of art, opinions vary, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Most people would agree, though, that an art car does have to be drivable. Otherwise, it’s more of an art sculpture instead of an art car. If the car can’t be driven, then it’s not an art car. Many people actually use their art car as their primary mode of transportation since most are street-legal. Some aren’t, though, and those cars are reserved for special occasions. These types of art cars, or the ones that aren’t someone’s main vehicle, are often parked where they can be seen. Of course, this means their owners need to have car covers ready to protect their artwork from the elements.

The Different Types of Art Cars

Art cars are often divided into five different categories. Of course, there are no hard rules for these categories, and some cars could very easily fit in two or three of them. It all depends on what the artist prefers to think of his or her art car as. Is the main focus of the car the painted art, or is it the items that have been attached to it? Does the art car convey a particular message? These questions and more can be used to put each art car into one or more of these categories:

Painted art cars are mostly those that consist of a fancy paint job or mural. There’s nothing extra attached to these cars, and they can easily be driven anywhere.

Message art cars are similar, but their artwork is usually directed toward passing on a message. Some of these art cars do have extra things attached to them, but everything added or painted on the vehicle helps convey the artist’s message.

Glued art cars have things glued onto the vehicle in addition to having a great paint job. Some of these cars aren’t legal to drive.

Sculpted art cars take the glued idea and go above and beyond, adding giant sculptures on the top of the car and more. Some of these also aren’t legal to drive.

Finally, interactive art cars have various things that people can play with or things people can do to contribute to the art.