5 Tips for Buying Used Jewellery

5 Tips for Buying Used Jewellery

When you want to buy something spectacular for you, and you’d like it to be amazing, you should be looking for an estate, or used jewellery. Learn in more details about this one on the link.

Finding the best one takes knowledge, research, but also luck in finding some extraordinary pieces. Those who like this kind of fashion, need to dig deep into the stores offering these kinds of items. Also, they must have their channels for finding what they like.

In this article, we’re addressing those who might be struggling with these issues or might be just starting to get deeper into the world of antiquities and used fashion. Read on if you want to know what you need to for getting this done the proper way.

1. Always look for the seal

Every piece of jewellery that has a history behind it will have a stamp on it for quality, manufacturing, ownership, and many other details that might be or might be not significant for the buyer.

When you’re looking at a particular piece, you should take a good examination and see the seal which is usually in a place that is not easily accessible. If the item can be opened, then it will probably be inside. If there’s a place where the manufacturer could’ve left their stamp, then that’s the place it will be.

This seal, or stamp, is a sign for perfection. Just like paintings have the signature of the person that was drawing them. It’s a way for everyone to know it who made it.

At the same time, this is the best way for collectors and buyers to know about its past. Some of the manufacturers are well-known around the world for their craft. Others are less known. In both cases, this information is going to be highly valuable for everyone trying to get something, and they want to know where it is coming from.

2. Make sure everything’s in place

Before getting anything, you need to do a thorough inspection of the item. If there are diamonds, you must take a very close look and see if everything’s properly connected inside. You don’t want to lose a diamond on the way home.

Same goes for nearly any other piece you’re about to get. If it is a highly valuable, expensive, and well-known item, it will be best if you go through the catalogue and see if it looks exactly as the picture looks. Moreover, go to the internet and search for information on it to see if there’s a piece missing or you’re being tricked in any way.

3. Do research on the quality and significance

It is highly recommended that you research anything before buying. Don’t trust the word of the seller, but make sure you understand what is offered, and what you’re about to get.

The internet is a place where all information can be found. If you’re getting a piece of Victorian Jewellery, then you must know that these items were made in the 1800s. You must know how they look too. The seller might trick you into getting something that was made a few days ago in an illegal workshop in Middle Asia.

When you do your own research, you’ll know how to recognize the best pieces of jewellery, and you’ll know when someone’s trying to trick you.

4. Ask for professional help

When you’re getting something for a ton of money, it’s always a hard road to walk. You can’t trust those who are selling, and you have no suitable knowledge yourself, so you must find another way.

This other way is called looking for professional help. Jewellers who used to work in the industry now offer their services to people who are interested in these parts. They will offer their expertise for a small amount, or for a percentage of the deal you’re going to make.

In both cases, it’s great if your budget can afford one because you might lose way too much if you don’t hire this person. They are true professionals and they can give you what you need. Imagine if you’re not a skilled or passionate car lover, and you want to buy a used car. Without a skilled mechanic, you’ll buy a trash can on wheels rather than a vehicle.

5. Think about whether it is worth it?

Used and old jewellery often has no price. People who are passionate collectors will spend a fortune on some items. If you’re one of these people, then you understand the joy and love toward used jewellery. Learn more about how it used to be made, what was used for it, and similar features here: https://www.gemsociety.org/article/jewelry-metals-overview/.

If you’re trying to find something that you might like to wear occasionally, but you still want to make an impression about how cool it is to have something like this, then you need all the help you can get while buying.

Saying this, you understand that price is a matter of value sometimes. If you’re offered Victorian earrings for a million of dollars, think about where you’re going to wear them and is there a chance to get robbed. You’re not going to take them to the mall, that’s for sure.

If you’re planning to use them as an investment, or a collector’s piece, then that’s another story. In this case, sometimes overpricing stuff can even be good. The more you pay for particular jewellery, the higher price it will have later on.


It’s not easy going in the business with used and old jewellery. You must know this terrain perfectly. If not, it will be best if you ask for help and find a person who will look deep inside the piece you’re about to get.

Understand that sometimes you’ll come across people who are trying to scam you. If you know what’s valuable, then you have no problem. This is why research is so important. You must understand what you’re getting, know how to recognize something valuable, and see when there’s a precious piece in front of you.