You Have What in There? 3 Surprising Ways to Carry a Concealed Weapon

You don’t have to have a holster strapped to your side to effectively carry a sidearm today. There are some great alternatives to open carry holsters on the market, including these three choices.

On Your Leg

This can have different meanings depending on who is carrying the gun. An ankle holster is what most likely comes to mind. One drawback to this is that your gun could possibly be visible to others if your pants are n’t loose enough. It also means you will have to reach down or stand on one leg to access your gun in an emergency. For those wearing a skirt, a thigh holster offers a solution that can solve both of those issues. Skirts hide the bulk of a pistol easier than pants, and you won’t have to reach any lower than mid-thigh to get to your gun. That could potentially save seconds, which could be a matter of life and death.

CCW Vests and Jackets

CCW stands for carrying a concealed weapon, and that is exactly what these fashionable clothing items let you do. The right CCW vest will let you simply reach in through a hidden panel in your pocket to grab your handgun from its secure, hidden holster. This way no one around you has to know you have a firearm unless necessary. Many of these vests are designed with a cargo appearance, and blend well with other popular fashions.

Fanny packs

Yep, you read that right. That cute little old lady with the fanny pack? She just may have a concealed handgun in there. This lets you keep your firearm at your waist, so you can reach in and grab it if the need were to arise. Look for a pack specifically designed to accommodate a handgun since it will often have an integrated holster section to keep your gun separate from personal items.

No matter how you decide to carry your concealed weapon, please remember to follow all rules for purchasing and carrying any firearm, and keep it stored in a safe, locked place.

Paul Taka

Paul Taka