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What You Need To Know Before Going to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is among the most popular tourist destinations around the globe. Many visitors are seeing trying to reach the area every single day even though getting to the site of the location has proven to be challenging. You need to have several things in mind before you set out to visit the area. For your adventure in Machu Picchu to be the best, you will need to have the elements listed in the article in mind.

It will be vital for you to buy the tickets before the day of the trip. You should not consider purchasing during the day of the trip. Many of the tours suggest that the latest time to get the tickets is six months before the day of the trip. During the high season, the hike an fill up almost a year out. If you are lucky during the low season, then you may be lucky to get the tickets weeks or days before your time. If you are hoping to get to the site on the day you have planned, the best thing for you is to plan as far ahead as you can.

It will be best if you could go to the area during the morning hours. According to the new regulations, you can enter Machu Picchu at 6 am to 12noon and from 12 noon to 5:30pm. You will gain access to the site depending on the time slot selected during the purchase of your ticket. The chance that you are kicked out from the site at noon if you get there in the morning is low. You may end up staying there from morning to evening. Ensuring that thousands of individuals leave the site at the end of their time will prove to be difficult even though this may be implemented in the time to come.

It is also recommended that you bring your passport and ensure it is stamped. This is a simple rule that you should not ignore. Apart from the ticket to the site, your passport will also be presented as you enter the location. For you to commemorate your trip, you can also have it stamped with a special Machu Picchu stamp. When you get into the area, you ask the workers there to show you where to get it.

Going with a guide will be the best thing to do during your trip. There will be numerous guides walking in the area when you get in. Therefore, it will be possible for you to hire one on the spot. If you choose to go without the guide, however, you will not have any problems going in. If you are looking to have a great Machu Picchu experience, it will be best that you follow the listed guidelines.

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