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Impacts Of Using Mobile Apps In Spreading Christianity

Evangelism has been made easier by the drastic changes that are taking place in technology. Gone are the days when evangelist used to travel over long distances just to spread the word of God to people. Nowadays spreading the gospel is not a tedious exercise. The introduction of internet services has made the world to be a small village that has made interaction easier. Mobile apps are essential to bringing the word of God closer to people. Nowadays most people have smartphones and can access the internet. Mobile apps are applications that are installed in mobile phones that contain the information.

There are numerous gains of using Bible apps in spreading the word of the lord. The first advantage is that it is has made it possible for people to have the bible right in their pocket wherever they go. The Bible is a large book that is sometimes carrying it all around our offices and homes is tiring. The second advantage is that it is cheaper for Christians to acquire the soft copy of the Bible rather than buying it in hard copy. Bible apps can either be downloaded or acquired for free to help people read the bible any time they need. Mobile apps are also used by non profit organization to spread the gospel. The best gift to give to someone who is depressed is the bible. These are the reason most NGOs build bible apps that they send to Christians all over the world. Through reading the promises of God to people, Christians are able to hold on to the faith and understand that God is going to save them.

Servants of God are now able to preach the gospel to many people through using mobile app sermons. There are people that are in places that they are unable to access a church to go and listen to the word of God. Listening to the word of God even from their homes can help these people to dedicate their lives to Christ. Those Christians that have tight schedules and never have the time to attend Sunday mass can partake in the celebration through their mobile apps.

The most incredible thing about using the apps is that getting the book that one needs to open is more comfortable since it has the search command. This contrary to opening the bible that is composed of so many books and it is may take a while before opening the books and the verses that one needs. Bible apps have been translated into different languages that people from all over the world making it easier for evangelism. For disciples of God to touch the lives of many people it is necessary to adopt the use of Bible apps for their evangelize . The apps are used by charity institutions for fundraising to raise money to help the sick.

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Paul Taka

Paul Taka