Why Grades Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The Advantage of Using the Digital Grade Book For Standards

The performance if a students is usually being provided through the traditional grade book. They are actually meant to show the total performance of a single student. Since it has an ability to provide with important information, the teachers are therefore allowed to make conclusions by looking at both the strengths and the weaknesses of the student. This is actually achieved through looking at the overall performance of the student. However, getting more specific than an assignment score may prove to be very tricky for the teacher. Under performance of a student may be explained through a number of reasons. This has forced Opus to implement standards when it comes to the process through which the students are graded. The standards of the students are therefore explained holistically through the digital grading book. The other disadvantage of using the grade book is that it does not display the weakness of the student. The new grade books have an ability to show how the student has been able to perform. Some schools have actually worked very hard to ensure that they have provided with the best grade book that has the best standards. The best grades are actually being provided through tagging assignments with standards. The teachers have an ability to attach the custom standards to the resources and the lessons in the process. The importance of the standard grade book is that it has allowed the teachers to track the performance of a given student once the grading process has been completed.

The standard grade book also allows the teachers to measure the mastery of the students. On completion of the of the activities and once they have been tagged in the standards and grading has been made, the teachers will have an ability to see the trend of the students when it comes to their performance. The importance of the digital grade book is that it arranges the standards that have been measured in a column. The digital grade book allows the teacher to see the number of times that the standards have been measured and to tell how the student has been performing. Identification of the students who have been performing poorly may be observed through the grade book. Once the assessments have been linked with the standards, the educators are able to visualize and understand the growth of the student very easily. In the process, the teacher will have an ability to the strengths and the weaknesses of the student. In the process, the teachers will be able to fill the learning gaps for the students.

Why People Think Grades Are A Good Idea

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Paul Taka

Paul Taka