The Ultimate Shopping List for Women Over-60

The Ultimate Shopping List for Women Over-60

Ask anyone who their style icon is, and they’ll likely say a famous celebrity, influencer, or street style star. While all those people are awesome, and I’m definitely obsessed with some myself (Eva Chen and Gala Gonz├ílez are my favorites), my true style icon always has been and forever will be my mother.

My mom, JoAnn, oozes cool. Basically, I got really lucky. She has the best style of anyone I know, even at 65 years old. She always comes home with pieces from designers I haven’t heard of yet, trends that won’t be big for another full season, and jewelry that makes my jaw drop. For example, she had the fur-lined Gucci slides before anyone I knew and got the first Mansur Gavriel bucket bag when it was still brand new and on a waiting list.

We always joke that instead of a shopping trip, I’d rather “shop” in her closet because it is truly my favorite store. There is not one thing my mom owns that I wouldn’t wear as her 23-year-old daughter, so it’s safe to say her style is definitively ageless. I turn to my mom for pretty much all of my style inspiration and constantly pick her brain about what’s new and now. Since I feel selfish keeping this treasure trove of fashion all to myself, I called on my mom to share her wish list with you so you can see just how special and timeless her style really is.

Keep scrolling for on-point style inspo from my 65-year-old mom. I promise you won’t regret it.