The Best and Worst Fall Shoe Trends, From a Podiatrist

How often do you really stop to consider how your fashion choices are affecting your body? Sure, when your new boots rub your heel into a blistered mess or your shoulder gets sore after carrying a heavy tote bag around all day, you become more aware of these choices. But in the interest of educating ourselves even further on the shoes we walk miles in every day, we turned to someone who knows a lot more about the physical effects of our footwear choices than we do: a podiatrist.

Just because we fall head over heels for a new shoe trend doesn’t mean that all of these new styles are doing our feet, back, and posture any good. PSA: Some shoe trends are doing bad, bad things to our bodies, according to NYC-based podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare Miguel Cunha. The doctor weighed in on a few of the fall shoe trends of the moment, sharing which he’d be overjoyed to see you wear—and which he cringes at the thought of.

We should note, however, that instead of taking these as hard guidelines to follow, it’s better to consider each as suggestions when deciding which shoes go with your outfit. While Cunha advises against a handful of really stylish shoes, that doesn’t mean you should burn them upon reading this; use your best judgment. That said, if you’re walking miles in the same shoes every day, wouldn’t you want to know whether or not it’s killing you slowly? Okay, maybe not killing you, but still. Keep reading to discover and shop the best fall shoes for your feet.

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Paul Taka

Paul Taka