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Tips for Buying E-Juice

If you’ve decided to switch from smoking to vaping, good for you. Don’t be daunted by the whole array of e-juices available however. If you take things slow, you’ll eventually end up with something you really like.

Here are things to consider when buying e-juice:Below are considerations to make when you buy e-juice:Consider the following as you buy e-juice:

Explore the flavors.

Before anything, the flavor. You may get everything else right, such as nicotine strength and vapor production,but unless you enjoy the taste of your e-liquid, you’ll likely not use it. Good thing e-liquids are made in practically all kinds of flavors you can picture, from cotton candy to coffee and more. When picking e-liquid flavors, first get those that you know you’ll enjoy before experimenting with unfamiliar ones.

Know your nicotine strength.

After picking your flavor, decide what nicotine strength you want. Are you a light, medium or heavy smoker?Do you consider yourself a light smoker, a heavy smoker or somewhere in between?Would you think of yourself as a light smoker or a heavy smoker, or somewhere in the middle? It’s important to get the right nicotine strength – too little will make you compensate by vaping more, while too much can cause headaches. Start with medium strength and adjust as you desire.

Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycol (VG) or Both?

E-juice has a main base solution that is either Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerol (VG), or it can be a mix of the two. PG is more flavoror, but has weaker vapor. VG is more condensed and is a bit sweet in taste, causing it to mute the flavor to an extent, but it can produce large clouds of vapor. Because of the marked differences between the two, e-juice makers have products that are all-PG, all-VG base, and mixtures in varying ratios.

Try, Try, Try!

If possible, and in most cases it is, always test flavors before you pay for them. There are many different brands that can have a unique effect on your tongue, even if they are technically the same flavor. It’s the same way with nicotine strength, so give it a test drive every time. A certain brand’s 10mg strength may be right for you, but it could be too strong or too weak for another brand.

If you buy from a physical store, you will probably be offered testers so you can try their variants. Online vape stores though are somewhat different. You can still test flavors, but you can only do so if you order special “tester” packs. These are often available in sets of different flavors, and you can have a pack of 5 flavors, 10 flavors or even 20. Besides flavors, you will also be able to test nicotine strengths as you try to look for the combo that works best for you.

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Paul Taka

Paul Taka