How to make your fiancée feel special on her birthday

How to make your fiancée feel special on her birthday

Birthdays make up to be one of the most special occasions in a person’s life. Also, there is not a single person alive who does not like to be pampered on his/her birthday. Well, your fiancée is no different. To let them know how special they are to you and that how glad you are that they are a part of your life, we have put together some birthday ideas that are bound to make them feel really special.

#1. Take her out for a small vacation

If your girl has been nagging for a vacation from a long time now, then, this would be the perfect time to take her out to her favourite destination and just let her relax over the weekend. You can also decorate the hotel room of the resort where you will be staying and just make it home for her. She is going to love you for putting in so much effort.

#2. Organize a treasure hunt for her

You can also prepare a treasure hunt for her around all her favourite places. You can put riddles all around, and make her find them. As and when she keeps on solving the clues, she will get nearer to her ultimate surprise which can be something along the lines of you sitting on your knee and proposing her yet again. She is going to feel very special and probably the happiest on her happy day.

#3. Put your feelings in a video

You can also prepare a beautiful video for her with messages from all her near and dear ones. To make it even more special, you can record her favourite song for her in your own voice and then put it in the background of the video. Nothing can beat the efforts that you put in for her to make her feel special on her birthday.

#4. Birthday eve celebration

You can also celebrate your better half’s birthday at 12 AM exact. You can decorate the house without her coming to know about it. You can also order in her favourite cake and a bouquet of roses for her. She is going to be taken aback when she finds what all you have planned for her on her birthday.

#5. Time for some gifts

You can also gift her something meaningful and special on her birthday like a photo frame comprising of your pictures through the years. You can find a number of other options online under the categories birthday gift for girlfriend and birthday gift for wife. You can also get it delivered at your home which saves you the effort of going down to the shop and figuring things out.

You can make your fiancée feel happy on her birthday in these ways. You can also take her out for a lovely and romantic candle light dinner. In case there are some other ways in which the lovely lady can be surprised, then, do add them in the comments section below.

Happy Birthday to your girl!

Paul Taka

Paul Taka