Concealed Carry Holsters for Camping

When spending time in the great outdoors, you will want to make sure you’re staying safe. There are many concealed carry holsters that will allow you to keep yourself protected while remaining discreet. The best holsters will also stay comfortable, ensuring you are able to enjoy your time outside while keeping your firearm close.

Ankle Holsters

Concealed carry ankle holsters are a great way to easily hide your firearm while remaining comfortable. For those who are engaged in a stationary activity such as fishing, it will also ensure that you are able to quickly reach your firearm without having to readjust your position.

IWB Holsters

Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters are an excellent option for a large variety of campsite activities. An additional benefit is that IWB holsters don’t require pants, though a sturdy belt is still recommended. If you are engaged in a more movement-oriented activity or prefer cargo shorts or pants, consider bringing an IWB holster with you for your time outdoors.

Check Pack Holsters

Chest pack holsters are a great option for those who like to go on long hikes that require backpacks. As chest pack holsters will be kept in front of you, you won’t have to worry about your backpack pressing down on a waistband holster and causing discomfort.

Belly Band Holsters

Belly band holsters are a comfortable option that allow you to wear minimal clothing while remaining armed. Belly band holsters can be worn with a t-shirt and athletic shorts, making them an ideal option to have on hand if you are going camping during the summer months. These holsters are a great way to stay protected while hanging out around the campsite during warm weather. They can be easily adjusted to ensure a safe fit.

There are many ways to keep yourself protected while enjoying the great outdoors. With research, you can find the concealed carry holster that suits your camping activities best.

Paul Taka

Paul Taka