Case Study: My Experience With Resources

Case Study: My Experience With Resources

How to Keep Your Summer Glow Wellness into the Winter

There are many fun moments during the winter such as enjoying cocoa stirred with peppermint sticks and building snowmen. During the winter the frost can leave the skin looking parched, dry, and pale. It is a fact that we are enjoying having cashmere sweaters and long boots during the winter but we suffer from the lack of sunlight and moisture. This can take away the summer glow from the skin. This page will briefly describe how to maintain the summer glow into the winter. It is important to use the following winter skin care tips in order to reverse the trend.

It is important to follow the dermatologist recommendations of being gentle on the face with only hand washing the face during the winter months. Here, an individual should learn to stop using wash clothes, cleansing brushes, buffs and also consider putting away the exfoliation pads, toners, products, and the AHA creams. An individual should always avoid the heat because it takes away the precious moisture from the skin. This suggests that an individual takes a limit on the hot showers and baths and make sure that he or she grabs a moisturizer after taking a shower or a bath.

It is important to go for oil based cleansers and moisturizing products that have coconut or argan oil because the skin will need extra TLC in this season. These products are important in sealing the moisture in thus supporting the outer layer of the skin. One can use that cleanses such as bergamot, honeysuckle, lavender, and many more and also use the argan, rosehip, or virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer. It is important to always sunblock the skin using the sunscreen because some conditions during the winter such as the snowy days can intensify the UVA rays thus putting the skin at an increased risk for damage.

It is advisable to stay hydrated by avoiding drinking more alcohol or eating poorly and instead have at least two liters of water every day. During the winter it important to eat nourishing food such as berries, vegetables, fruits, high-quality proteins, and good fats because they are rich in essential minerals and vitamins to keep an individual vibrant. It is recommended to keep moving because it is an exercise that will help the heart to keep pumping and move nutrient-rich food to the skin.

It is important to exfoliate the body because it helps the body moisturizers to be absorbed more effectively and to remove the dead cells which make the skin to appear dull. It is advisable to use moisturizing shaving cream and moisturize the newly shaved areas during the winter. Massaging the winter blues away is recommended. This is vital in relieving tension and increasing body circulation.