Alyssa Burhop

Alyssa Burhop
Hi there, I am a 29-year-old journalist who has been blogging for over 3 years and I want to be your daily source of news. You can catch up on my blog every weekday.

Autonomous Vehicles are now the Future

There is no question about it—we spend a great deal of time in our cars. In fact, some estimates suggest that the average driver...

Camcorders – To Benefits to Use It

The camcorder is a portable electronic device that contains a camera and video recorder in a single unit to film all video and audio...

The Current State of the PC Gaming Market

Gaming is big business. The industry is worth billions worldwide and much of this is spent on the console market. With the release of...

Why should you choose West Palm Beach Auto Transport?

What makes West Palm Beach Auto Transport remarkable? If you have been looking for the best auto transport to use, the following are some...

How To Be A Good Boss – But Not Be Over-Controlling

Being the “boss” has its ups and its downs. There’s a fine line between being the cool boss that everyone likes and the jerk...

Just What Is Graphic Design? How To Get More Value From Your Money

Graphic design sounds a lot more complicated than it is. If you replaced the word graphic with pictures it suddenly starts to sound a...


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