Christmas Day is Still the Biggest Market for UK online Retailers

There’s a noticeable trend emerging among UK consumers; they are most likely to shop online on the 25th of December—Christmas Day— than ever. Last Christmas but one—in 2017— ecommerce sites experienced almost twice as much traffic (45%) as the entire month’s (December) average.

Figures by RTB House data show that in the 2nd half of December, approximately three days to Christmas, the rates of online visits to web-based shops steadily fell touching its lowest on the eve of Christmas. On 24 December, visits to online shops were nearly 24% below December’s average. What’s more, buyer purchases were almost 60 per cent lower than the monthly average.

The research firm—RTB House— is a futuristic international retargeting tech developer that bases its innovations on top listed online shopper behaviours in December—which happens to be one of the busiest times of the year for web-based shopping.

Global statistics for December show that web-based customers shop online and close purchases a fortnight before the eve of Christmas. For instance, in 2018, shopping rates were highest on Dec 12 when buyers frequented web-based stores 19 per cent more often than the December average, and purchases went up 50 per cent above the per-month average.

RTB House also said that in December’s 2nd half, nearly a week to Christmas, the number of shoppers who frequented web-based stores steadily dropped reaching its lowest on the eve of Christmas. On 24th Dec, shoppers frequented stores almost 23% less than the whole month’s average. The number of transactions was also lower than December’s average by 56%.

According to Artur Jaworski, Commerce Director at RTB House, it looks like December internet shoppers purchase more in the month’s first half, but not towards the end. Instead, buyers prefer making their last-minute buys on the street or in-store. Merchants running both online … Read More...