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These 8 Britney Spears Outfits Are Truly Iconic

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These 8 Britney Spears Outfits Are Truly Iconic

Let’s be honest: It’s nearly impossible to have a discussion about the early ‘00s without so much as a mention of Britney Spears. After all, with a handful of number-one songs, best-selling albums, and a movie under her belt, there couldn’t be a better representation of the era. And as one of the biggest stars of the early aughts, Britney Spears’s outfits were just as iconic as the woman who wore them.

To say that Britney Spears has had memorable fashion moments would be major understatement. From music video ensembles that launched a lifetime of inspiration for costumes everywhere to Y2K trends like ultra-low-rise jeans and Juicy Couture tracksuits—and don’t get started on that VMAs performance look (you know the one)—it’s clear that throughout the years, the singer has become a cultural icon.

Just in case you need a refresher on her most notable sartorial moments, we’ve gathered them all right here. Scroll down to see them all.

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