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The Winter Capsule Wardrobe: 9 Outfits, Each Under $250

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The Winter Capsule Wardrobe: 9 Outfits, Each Under $250

Winter. It doesn’t have to be a dirty word. When you focus on the good things about it (Snow days! The holidays!) and have a well-rounded cold-weather capsule wardrobe that adequately prepares you to brave the elements, you actually might even enjoy it a bit. While I can’t make snow days happen for you, I can arm you with the outfits you need to see you through until spring. You may be thinking Just let me enjoy fall! but in my experience, the closer it gets to Thanksgiving, the less time I have to shop for clothes for myself, so now is the time to get it done.

Speaking of the holidays, this is arguably the most expensive time of year for most of us, and to combat that, each of the outfits I’m suggesting is under $250 (sans accessories and shoes, but don’t worry—those are cheap too), believe it or not. Not only that, they can be worn together in countless ways, so shop away if effortless, affordable outfits are your MO.

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