Mon. Oct 21st, 2019


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The 5 Things French Girls Always Buy From Zara

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The 5 Things French Girls Always Buy From Zara

We don’t really need to sit here and explain to you the wonder that is Zara. After publishing countless stories on the brand, including new trends, what to buy, and pieces from our resident expert and The Devils Wear Zara founder, our obsession is basically just in your face at this point. And like Zara is of utmost interest as a retailer, French girls are on the same level of curiosity when it comes to styling ideas, so we decided to combine the two passion points and dig into what French girls, in particular, are buying from Zara at this moment.

To help us out, we enlisted Paris-based IG star and fellow Zara shopper Aïda Sané of to fill us in on the five trends she always stocks up on at the fast-fashion retailer. Keep scrolling to learn how the French actually navigate Zara and shop inspired items to complete your wardrobe like an effortless Parisian style setter

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