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How J.Lo Made Baggy Jeans and a Sweater Look Expensive

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How J.Lo Made Baggy Jeans and a Sweater Look Expensive

Jennifer Lopez could wear a bathrobe and Crocs and still look cool, so there’s that. While she didn’t wear exactly that a few days ago for dinner in New York with her family, she did wear a particularly casual outfit (for her, at least). That outfit consisted of low-rise, baggy jeans (yep), a crewneck sweater (also baggy), and Timberland boots. On their own, these pieces might not catch one’s eye. But paired with a sumptuous wool coat, the entire look feels ultra expensive and chic.

Now, it must be pointed out that her Max Mara coat is, in fact, expensive. She is Jennifer Lopez, after all. But any slightly oversized, drapey, non-black (too boring) wool coat will do, as it’ll make your outfit look finished and un-sloppy. Lopez also wisely let it hang loose instead of tying it and covering up the rest of her casual-cool look. If this isn’t one of the easiest J.Lo outfits to copy ever, we don’t know what is. 

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