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8 Epic Halloween Costumes With Boots in Every Style

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8 Epic Halloween Costumes With Boots in Every Style

If there is one accessory that is the undisputed queen of fall, it’s simple boots. Summer is the time for mules and classic loafers, but as Honeycrisp apples arrive at the farmers markets and crisp leaves start to crunch underfoot, we put away our open-toed shoes and instead pull out our boots in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. 

Halloween hits at peak fall, which is prime boot season. That’s what makes the footwear the perfect accessory for any Halloween costume. Boots will keep you dancing all night while providing the perfect accent to the costume of your choice. Whether they’re over-the-knee, ankle, or come in a bold shade of red, there’s a costume for that. From Lydia Deetz to Vivian Ward and Daenerys Targaryen, some of our favorite characters wear this simple fall staple, and so can you in these costumes with boots.

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