Mon. Oct 21st, 2019


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6 Ugly Fashion Trends Celebrities Are Wearing in 2019

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6 Ugly Fashion Trends Celebrities Are Wearing in 2019

The fashion crowd is all about giving the side-eye to antiquated style rules. It’s really about dressing for what you love and what makes you comfortable, rather than constantly thinking about what’s “flattering.” As a result, “ugly” trends have blossomed. We recently highlighted the uncool-but-actually-cool looks French girls can’t seem to get enough of, and we thought we’d cruise over to the celebrity world to get a sense of the “ugly” items they’re standing behind. With all that in mind, we pulled some of the most forward recent A-lister outfits below—all of which feature specific ironic fashion choices. Yep, you’ll spot Kendall Jenner’s recent “ugly” shoe choice, Hailey Bieber’s offbeat denim vibe, and more coming your way ahead. Keep scrolling to uncover the trends that will bring a cool factor to your fall look, and shop each must-try item as well.

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