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6 Things the Royal Family Can’t Wear

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6 Things the Royal Family Can't Wear

All celebrities are scrutinized and always have been, but the members of the British royal family are watched, discussed, and judged with an intensity that’s unmatched. (For example, it’s believed that around two billion people around the world watched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s wedding.) The royal family is an institution that’s steeped in tradition and formality, and while it does evolve, it does so at a slow pace. Since clothing determines how we represent ourselves to the world, it’s understandable that there’s a lengthy set of wardrobe-related guidelines that the royal family must adhere to.

In the spirit of the royal family’s newest member Markle (well, and Archie), we’re highlighting some of the major wardrobe rules that she’s going to have to get used to. Read on to see what they are via IRL examples on Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Princess Eugenie, and Markle herself.

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