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5 of Kate Middleton’s Most Controversial Outfits, Ranked

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5 of Kate Middleton's Most Controversial Outfits, Ranked

Back when Kate was just a commoner, she tested noughties trends with the best of us. Who can forget the pics of her college-era super-low-rise jeans and spaghetti strap going-out tops or that time she wore neon Crocs? But ever since she became an official royal back in 2011, it’s been more skirt suits and demure headbands to boot. In fact, there are several trends she used to love that she has now ditched for good.

However, there are bound to be some controversial moments when the whole world watches your every style move and there are strict royal dressing rules. Even though Kate Middleton seems to navigate the nuances of outfit protocol with ease, she has had a few notable moments of setting the internet abuzz. While she definitely toes the line per the Queen’s specifications, there are a few instances where she lives a little (who can blame her?) as well as some circumstances where gossip simply couldn’t be avoided. Scroll down to check out the top five most controversial outfit moments, ranked from more subtle to full-blown scandal.

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