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28 Items to Buy From Mango’s Columbus Day Sale

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28 Items to Buy From Mango's Columbus Day Sale

Celebs, It girls, and their high-street stores—what’s not to love? These lucky ladies have access to the cream of the crop when it comes to the latest and greatest fashion finds, so when they support and shop at affordable, stylish retailers like Mango, we’ve no choice but to pay attention. It would almost be irresponsible not to considering our less-than-cornucopian budgets. Or is that just me? Cool, cool.

If It girls in Mango don’t immediately grab your attention, here’s something that will: 30% off everything at the retailer. That’s right, folx, say thank you to good old Christopher Columbus (actually don’t) because have we got a sale for you. From now until October 14, use code COLUMBUS19 to get 30% off Mango’s entire collection in stores and online during the brand’s Columbus Day sale.

Seeing how it’s that weird in-between time where days are warmish and nights are so chilly it’s honestly just rude, there are a lot of wardrobe pieces that make sense to invest in. Ahead, see how It girls and influencers are wearing Mango, and keep scrolling for my picks as well, including the one jacket I can’t wait to get my hands on.

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