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16 Tops to Wear With Skirts This Season

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16 Tops to Wear With Skirts This Season

Getting dressed is an art form. Certain pieces just work better with each other, and while you should always wear what you feel most comfortable in and what you like, sometimes a bit of guidance comes in handy. Right now, you might be starting the wardrobe switch, packing away warm-weather staples and replacing them with cold-weather essentialsjust don’t pack away your skirts.

If you need some help piecing together winter skirt outfits, you’re in luck. We’ve already highlighted the best shoes to wear with midi skirts; found some great fall outfits with skirts; and today, we’re serving up a quick lesson on the best tops to wear with skirts. Don’t worry, though: Mastering the top-and-skirt art form is much easier than you think, and your options are plentiful. Ahead, the tops to wear with every type of skirt, from mini to midi to A-line and beyond.

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