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10 of the Best Pleated Skirts and How to Wear Them

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10 of the Best Pleated Skirts and How to Wear Them

Street style stars made one thing clear at fashion month: Pleated skirts are back. Their presence everywhere from New York to Paris was impossible to miss, and the ways insiders are wearing them are cooler than ever. Styled with everything from flannel shirts and ankle boots to cutout turtlenecks and heels, pleated skirts feel like they have a brand-new lease on life in 2019.

Assistant editor Anna LaPlaca observed the rise of pleated skirts in her latest micro-trend report, noting that the shapes are becoming more prevalent as classic “bourgeois” items re-enter the wardrobes of fashion insiders this fall. While some street style looks have been incorporating traditional versions, we’re also seeing twists on the staple. Details like asymmetrical hems, peplum waists, and belting make them feel more modern than their predecessors.

Ahead, see how fashion’s best dressers are wearing the trend, and shop cool pleated skirts inspired by their looks.

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